"Future Metals Offers Early Stage Strategic Planning and Exploration Through to
Mobile Platform Drilling and Trenching Services - Anywhere in the World"

About Future Metals

Future Metals is a company that offers a cohesive blend of leadership, loyalty and excellence to their clients and engages all their projects with professionalism, a hard work ethic and respect. As the world’s appetite for resources increases, the complexity of taking any project to completion also increases, and this is exactly why the leader of any consulting company needs to have a broad base of experience…

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Ahead of the Curve

Future Metals owns the latest and only mobile drill platform technology for exploration drilling currently available in the world. In a collaborative effort with CanDig Mini Excavators, Future Metals is seeking suitable projects for its prototype Bigfoot Drill this 2012 season. The drill is capable of drilling to 120 meters and retrieving 1” 7/8” (NQ) core. The need to construct drill platforms and continuously breakdown and reassemble drilling machinery while using up much helicopter time in the process will be virtually eliminated using the mobile Bigfoot drill…

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FMI Projects

Future Metals continues to deliver on its core business strengths in GPS surveying, data collection and exploration management. In recent years Future Metals has improved upon these core strengths by offering surveying, trenching, and core drilling services…

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